As an initial exercise in one of my classes this semester (which is taught strictly online and is called DHA 8181) I introduced myself with the following message.  Then I thought, why not include this here?  This is it .  .  .

My background is varied with an emphasis on the technical side, meaning physics and mathematics from an academic perspective, and an all-to-lengthy career in computer science. My pursuit of an MFA in interactive design comes from a desire to bridge a gap between my technical skills, such as building software systems, and my background in the fine arts, which includes painting and photography. If I could sum up the common thread of my existence, it would be the appreciation of beauty in all the universe and a striving to understand it. Even software can be beautiful. Physics certainly is.

A few years back I began working in New Media art projects, and this also follows this sort of bridging, or merging, between the technical and the artistic. I am very interested in both art and design and intend to weave these together in my graduate studies. Last August, I started [this blog] to talk about art, design and related matters, though my graduate studies tend to keep me from the requisite regularity of an average blogger. Most recently, I have been working on a photography project called Weiji, under the direction of professor Tom Rose (UofM) and Tang Meng (Beijing Film Academy). Weiji is the Chinese word meaning crisis=opportunity.

When I am not part of a focused study, I dream of travel to remote and exotic parts of the planet (Seychelles anyone?) or just being outdoors with nature, but in reality drift my attention from one shiny object to the next. And sometimes, I get stuff done around the house in spite of myself. Last summer, I build a Japanese style garden fence out of cedar, my own design. Almost complete!